eTwinning and Glogster Workshop at the Express Publishing Conference in Romania – May 2013


The conference “Re-looking ESL: Where we are and where we are going” was organized by Express Publishing and was dedicated to the Romanian teachers of English. It was held in Sibiu, Romania, on 17-19 May 2013.

Hotel Ana

On Friday May 17th I presented the workshop entitled “Making Glogster EDU Waves within eTwinning” to a number of 21 teachers of English from countries in South-East Europe.


My idea was inspired really: to introduce eTwinning and Glogster and talk about how these platforms can make / do make waves – with the best meaning of the phrase – in education today. Because producing sensation can cause change, and the challenges laid before us by eTwinning and Glogster push us towards opening a lot of new doors.

Room 2

eTwinning projects are a challenge indeed. We develop – while working in eTwinning projects – new methods of teaching, of learning, of assessment, we use ICT, we reflect, we share experiences… We are more complex, we understand better other peoples and other cultures, and also what the future can offer us.

We build part of the future ourselves, and the tools we use describe the ubiquitousness of eTwinning and its specific spontaneity and speed. Glogster is one of these tools, providing motivation, inspiration and new ways of expressing one’s creativity and imagination.


This was a successful workshop, from the trainer’s point of view 🙂

I am confident that the waves are still travelling… They have touched your shores as well, haven’t they? What’s the feeling?

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Photos – all my own.